How to clean and maintain floor mats
Fri Dec 2020ADMIN
Outdoor mats: The mats are placed here to prevent dust and dirt from being brought into the house and affecting indoor hygiene, so the mats are usually wearable and easy to clean rubber mats, as long as the mats are often turned over, shake off the dust, cleaned with water and dried, and then put them away again when the ground is clean.
Entry mats: the placement of the mats here can protect the floor and reduce the friction on the ground. It's because people usually go home to change their shoes here, taking off the leather shoes and sneakers they wear outside and putting on home shoes with soft soles. If you want to do a thorough cleaning, you can soak the mats in the right amount of laundry detergent, rinse them, wring out the moisture and then dry them.
Bathroom Mat: the floor mats here are generally placed in the washbasin and bathroom door, mainly for water absorption, and are generally made of superfine fiber. The floor mats made of this material are generally machine washable, as long as they are cleaned regularly.
Kitchen mats: in cooking and cooking will inevitably have oil and water on the floor, so the kitchen mats placed between the main purpose is to prevent oil and water into the living area, so the mats will generally choose anti-fatigue PVC mats or easier to clean cotton mats, as long as regular cleaning can be, if you encounter oil stains, you can soak with detergent and then rinse with water, if still can not be washed off, you can use alcohol after scrubbing again with Scrubbing with detergent.
Bedroom mats: A lot of people like to place a mat in front of the bed so that they can get out of bed barefoot and not get cold, so the mats are usually made of cotton or wool, which are comfortable and soft, and easy to maintain and clean, as long as they are cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and cleaned regularly with detergent.