Home textile fabric cleaning and maintenance
Fri Dec 2020ADMIN
1.cotton fabrics can not use detergents containing bleach ingredients, water temperature not exceeding 30 ℃.
2. silk, silk and cotton, soybean fibers can not use detergents containing biological enzymes.
3.wool, cashmere to avoid prolonged immersion, velvet fabric surface avoid ironing.
4. silk, bamboo fiber, chemical fiber can not be soaked in high temperature water, it is recommended to use silk and wool detergent.
5. linen products can not be washed with force, wringing, the best use of dry cleaning.
6.down, wool material, silk, camel hair and soy fiber bedding does not require frequent drying.
7. chemical fiber should be dry-cleaned, washing can reduce the fluffiness and affect the warmth performance.
8.Wool blankets should be washed at room temperature, not rinsed, not tumble dried, not ironed.